April 21, 2006

Dogs – Winning Sled Racing Tips

Making your dog win in sled races

So, you decided to train your dog to win in sled races. Here aresome tips to do it.

1. Provide dry and clean bedding.

If you want to have a winning dog, provide him first with aclean and complete house. It is your duty and responsibilitythat your dog must have adequate, clean bedding.

2. Give your dog a high quality diet.

Give your dog the best diet that you can find. All year round,feed him with the best diet possible. This includes giving thedog some quality fat in his diet. Fat gives your dog enoughenergy to run. How much fat you give depends on various factors.For example, Alaskan Huskies are burning fat seemingly by juststanding still! Some dogs like Malamutes and Siberians do notrequire fat as much. Don’t scrimp on quality.

3. Follow a schedule.

Make a regular schedule for your dog to relieve himself. Stickto the schedule. Making a schedule to relieve your dog will earnyou his trust. Whether the schedule is after two or four hours(or more), follow the schedule. strictly.

4. Provide shade.

Give shade to your dog, especially in summer.

5. Clean your dog regularly.

Clean the dog’s house regularly. This is also for your dog’sgood health.

6. Control flies.

Your dog would appreciate if you put something on him to defendhim against flies.

7. Give water consistently, adding a few more buckets in summer.

Like humans, your dog needs water. Give them clean waterregularly. Add a few extra buckets in the summer, when the heatis too much for some dogs.

When your dog is training and running all day long, you mightwant to give him water right after his run. If you are trainingyour dog on a cool season, then you might probably not give himwater every after run. But, if you are training in summer, besure that you give your dog water consistently. Your dog mightcollapse from dehydration if you ignore his need for water.

9. Buy your dog from well known breeders.

If you have no dog yet, you might want to buy a puppy from awinning breeder. Winning bloodlines enhance your dog’s chancesof winning. Of course, having a dog from a winning breed doesnot ensure outright victory in sled racing. The dog still has tobe trained to win.

Having a winning dog in sled races is a cooperation between yourdog and his trainer – you. It entails a lot of mutual trust andcare to ensure a winning dog.

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