April 25, 2006

Gift Giving Ideas for People Who Love Dogs

All of us have a friend or relative who loves their dog. They carry pictures in
their wallets or purses, take vacations with their pet and talk about them all
the time.

Buying a gift for someone who loves their dog can be daunting with all the
possibilities. Here is some help narrowing down the options available for gift giving to a pet owner.

1. Create Your Own Gift – If you are creative this is the most cost effective
way to give a gift to a dog lover. You can give a basket of dog treats, dog
grooming products or toys. If you know how to knit or sew, doggie clothes
are an original idea for gifts. Check out http://www.dog-match.com/hand-made-gifts.shtml for free resources and patterns for making dog clothing.

2. Buy Useful Gifts – A gift certificate for a dog walking service, pet grooming
service or vet is a welcome gift. If your dog lover likes natural products there are several web sites that feature natural care products. A pet bed is another useful gift. Be sure it is large enough to hold that puppy when he grows up.

3. One of a Kind Personalized Gifts – If you have a picture of your recipient’s
dog you can get a personalized pillow ortee shirt with the photo silkscreened onto the fabric.

4. Funny or Whimsical Gifts – There are many sources of funny pet related
items available on the internet; breed specific golf club covers, calendars,
coffee mugs and much more. You are only limited by your imagination and budget.

5. Books and Subscriptions – You can find both fiction and non-fiction books
about dogs in bookstores or online. Or a subscription to a magazine such as Dog Fancy would please any dog lover.

These are just a few ideas – I’m sure you can think of many more.

About the Author

Pat Schraier has been the owner of chihuahuas, terriers, cocker spaniels
and other breeds of dogs. Her website http://www.dog-match.com features articles,
advice, resources and stories for people who love their dogs. Find out how to
order a personalized dog photo pillow at http://tinyurl.com/8xqk

Pat Schraier

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