April 30, 2006

How Much Time Can Dogs Stay Alone?

If you are going to leave your dog alone for a long period oftime then don’t be surprised with the behavior issues he mightdevelop. Being alone, he deals with two big problems. The firstone is the physic and emotional discomfort, because he sees heis free and he doesn’t know what he is allowed to do and what heisn’t. Sometimes stress is added because he is afraid of doingsomething that can get him punished. The second problem comesout of the need of a dog to be permanently around people orother dogs.

If it is a small dog, he should be familiarized to hisenvironment. If a little dog is to be left alone the entire day,then make sure he has enough water and that a big part of theroom he is left into will be covered in papers. A small dogneeds to satisfy his physiological needs every three hours. Donot under any circumstances leave the dog locked in the doggyhouse without given him access to water. You should let him stayin a small room, for example the kitchen.

A good idea might be coming home in your lunch brake or hiringsomeone to walk your dos. This way he gets a chance to meetother people and dogs and help you prevent a home disaster.

Experts recommend us to spend a few hours a day with or dog andto introduce him to as many friends and neighbors as we canuntil he turns 7-12 weeks old, because at this age the puppyholds the capacity to understand some situations.

If you have an adult dog, that needs to be fed only once a day,it is simpler. The dog will eat at night or in the evening whenyou get home. You will walk him in the morning and when you getback from work. But try not to be out of the house more that 8hours because he has a schedule, he knows exactly when he isgiven food and when he will be walked. If you don’t impose him arhythm, the dog will be stressed and the house a mess.

Never leave the dog alone when you are planning to go on a tripor on a vacation. If possible take him with you or if not, hiresomeone or ask some friends to take care of him.

It is important to make it up to your dog. If you have to leavehim alone a lot during work days, try and spend more time withhim on weekends and holidays. Behavior issues can be easilycorrected if you just play more with the dog.

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Author: John Edwards

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