May 4, 2006

Keeping your dogs’ fur healthy and looking great

Keeping a dog’s fur healthy and looking great isn’t as difficultas you think. It does take some work to keep it in goodcondition but it is definitely worth the effort. With a littleextra work you can make your dog’s coat shine but also protecthis skin from disease.

Dietary changes you can try Your dog’s skin and coat are linkedto their diet and nutrition. Due to this, many skin conditionsand coat problems can be treated through homeopathic dietarymethods. Fatty acids are essential when trying to enhance yourdog’s hair coat condition and tissue repair. You can try themethod of raw egg on their kibble, but nowadays you have severaldog supplements available that can help you increase your dog’scoat and skin health. Salmon Oil is an excellent source of fattyacids and oils that will benefit your dog’s coat and also theirarteries and immune system. Additionally you can find productsthat will enhance your dog’s coat and help prevent shedding. Codliver oil is an essential ingredient in this type of dognutritional supplement as well as garlic, soybeans and crudeproteins that help promote healthy skin and fur. To keep yourdogs coat glossy, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to your dogsfood. Safflower, canola, corn or soybean oils are options toconsider.

Grooming your dog It is important that you bathe your dog everyso often to keep the skin clean. However bathing your dog toooften can cause problems to the skin, specifically robbing thedog’s skin of essential oils. One bath a month, after the age ofsix months is good enough to keep a healthy look to the fur andskin. Veterinary dermatologists suggest bathing your dog at mostonce a week, but only if you are using specific shampoo designedfor your dog. There are many different kinds of shampoo andconditioners that help keep the skin healthy, but some do otherthings as well. Many protect against flees, while some keep thefur shiny and strong. It is best to consult your veterinarianbefore starting any bathing. If your dog develops an itch orskin irritation it is most likely because you are bathing him orher too much and should reduce the amount of baths your aregiving. Otherwise it is recommended that you keep your dog’s furclean and healthy.

Trimming your dog’s fur is another way of keeping the skin andfur healthy and still looking great. In warmer climates a longcoat can cause skin irritation and skin disease, as well as keepyour dog’s energy at a minimum due to extreme heat. Trimming thefur down a little bit will help keep the dog cool and helpprevent skin irritation.

You can purchase any grooming supplies from your local pet storeand same with the shampoo. Consulting your veterinarian isalways important before purchasing anything. I hope this summaryoffers you a brief understanding of how and what you need to doto keep your dog’s fur and skin in good condition.

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