May 8, 2006

More Pet Owners Realizing That “The Holidays Are Going To The Dogs …”

If health trends for dogs mirror those for humans, pet owners are looking to keep theirdogs healthier while spending less.

The humanization of pet health is here to stay because ownersconsider their pets to be part of the family. As a result manypeople are choosing to adopt and care for pets from shelters andother organizations. Among the 10 most popular breeds are LabradorRetriever , Golden Retriever, GermanShepherd Dog , Beagle, Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer,Poodle, Chihuahua, and Shih Tzu.

The past year has seen a proliferation of natural and organicproducts specifically designed for pethealth . Dog owners are positioning themselves as “healthadvocates” in the care of their pets. As explained in the newe-book, ‘How To Keep Your Dog Healthy,’ When owners askquestions such as “what vitamins and supplements should Igive my dog?” there are actually several answers. This dependson the owner’s ability to recognize deficiencies and monitortheir dogs health.

Pet health books that use the “How To” approach work wellbecause people go online to find information they can use -fast. If you can talk and explain things in simple step by stepterms – you provide a much needed service. Any resource that canhelp dog owners improve their dogs health and keep track of alltheir pets medical and treatment information will provebeneficial .

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy” is intended to serve the averagepet owner as a practical guide to doghealth . The average dog owner wants information they can usequickly and easily. They usually want specific answers to aspecific questions. For them, a book on the general care of dogsis a reference manual to which they turn whenever the needarises.

About the author:

Winfred Jennings is a writer and graphic designer. He researchesand writes about trends in natural health. He is the author ofseveral books, “How To Keep Your Dog Healthy” and “ArthritisBreakthrough – Xanthones And Mangosteen”.

Winfred Jennings

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