May 14, 2006

Pugs – Those Sweet Little Puppies who Actually are Dogs

Pug is the tiny dog that’s almost like a toy. It got noticedin the 19th century. It is 11inches tall and has a weight ofabout 18 lbs. Its ears and mask are black in color whereasthe color of the coat is apricot fawn or silver. The fur ofpug is shiny, smooth and short. China is the origin of pugs.The East India Company introduced these pugs to Holland andEngland. Because of their compact toy like appearance theybecame favorite pet of the royal families. In thecontemporary times pugs are used as watchdogs apart frombeing the popular pets.

Pugs are known to be stubborn but they behave well insociety. Pugs have flat wrinkled faces, their tails arecurled and their body is compressed. Although small instature but these dogs are robust. They are easily takencare of and they are groomed easily. This makes them hotfavorite with the people who are extremely crazy for petsbut have no time to look after them. The only drawback withthese pugs is that they shed much more than theircounterparts. If raised properly they are compatible withchildren and other house pets. Pugs are intelligent likeother dogs and pick up things fast. However, because oftheir stubborn nature they are not very obedient.

The pugs look attractive because of their wrinkled facewhich appears expressive as well. Although easy to handle,these pugs develop different health problems, because ofwhich they are not as popular as other breeds of dogs. Sincethese pugs have too short snouts, they tend to scratch theircorneas and as a result they face some breathing problems.The most common of all the problems is the skin problem.

The crevices present between the wrinkles on their facesare required to be kept clean all the time in order tokeep them away from major skin problems. Their flat facesgive rise to tooth and mouth diseases. Pugs tend to put onweight very easily and can become highly obese sometimes.The pugs are so prone to brain disease that the disease hasbeen named after their breed, Pug Dog Encephalitis. In thisthere is the swelling of the brain. The cause and cure ofthis disease is still not known.

Some of the pugs have acted in famous movies too. Frank, apug, has acted in the movies “Men in Black” and its sequel.The “Adventures of Milo and Otis” had pug as one of its leadstars.

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