May 17, 2006

Shadow’s Stuff Helps Dogs Lead Better Lives

Our furry friends also need pure and gentle skincare. No one knows this better than Spring Rain Botanicals owner, Karen McCafferty. As an animal lover, I always worked to help animals in any way I could. When our Shadows skin condition quickly worsened I knew that I could create natural skincare for him as well. From that moment, Shadows Stuff was born.
Shadow was a West Highland Terrier, and had beautiful white, silky fur. As he grew order, his skin became red and itchy; soon he was chewing and itching so much that he would often bleed. As humans can acquire eczema through heredity, dogs can also have a form of atopic eczema as seen in different breeds. Through experience with customers, Karen finds that it is mainly owners of Terrier or mixed Terrier breeds that often seek out her products. With Shadow we tried changing his diet, commercial shampoos and even cortisone when it finally dawned on me that if I could help humans with skin problems, I could definitely help Shadow. Karen researched just the right combination of natural skin conditioners and other botanicals that would both help skin heal, yet be safe to dogs. Overall it took just a couple of days to see that Shadow was not itching as frequently, and about a month before new fur was growing back in those bald spots. Karen stresses that her dog products are only be used on dogs. Her ingredients are tailored to dogs ability to handle certain ingredients and do contain essential oils in small amounts. Her products are not to be used on cats or other animals, especially since cats do not have the ability to metabolize many essential oils. As a rule, cats dont need the frequent bathing and skincare that dogs do, however there are always exceptions to the rule if you have a cat with a skin condition. If you need a cat shampoo, Karen will gladly create a cat safe shampoo for you, simply email her at .
Shadows Stuff consists of a line of natural, chemical free and vegetarian products that ironically are tested on humans. Once they are determined safe and gentle on human skin, Karen will then use them on her own furry babies. Diamond in the Ruff Shampoo, and her best seller, Itchy Skin Relief Cream are an indispensable combination. She also offers Healing Pad Ointment, Furry Friend Sunscreen and Bye Bye Buggy insect repellant. The complete line can be seen at . Bye Bye Buggy is not to be used instead of the veterinarian prescribed flea and tick preparations that keep your friend safe through the season. Instead their bug repellant is to be used on dogs to keep immediate bugs from bothering them, such as flies and other pests. Furry Friend Sunscreen is useful for the bridge of nose, on the visible skin where the fur naturally parts, and any other bald or areas where you feel protection may be needed.
All of Spring Rain Botanicals products, whether for humans or fur people, were developed out of Karens own familys need for gentle skincare to ease allergic reactions. As with people, every dog is different therefore speed and effectiveness will of course vary by individual. Karen is always available to answer any questions, and recommend which products may be suited for your furry friend.

Spring Rain Botanicals is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of natural and vegetarian skincare on the market today. They offer their retailers and their customers excellent support and service. Contact Spring Rain Botanicals today to have access to a fantastic line of products.

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