May 28, 2006

Valentine’s Day Is For The Dogs!

The time of the year to express your heart felt feelings to your loved ones is here again! It is a romantic time full of kisses, wine and roses. But, don’t forget to show your affection to your beloved four legged furry canine friends! Afterall, they are the ones who keep you company when your lover is out of town or at work.

Dog owners know that puppies have big hearts full of loving, compassionate feelings toward their masters. Imagine a life without your dog, wouldn’t it seem less fullfilling, I mean there was a reason why you got Fido in the first place. Their feelings are on their paws, so you have to show them the appreciation they deserve.

How about a special treat, a greenie, a doggy cookie or new sweater to keep them fashionable! There are so many wonderful products in the marketplace that will make your good little doggy feel extra special on February 14th!

The top 5 things for your Doggy Valentine’s Day:

1. Cook a meal
2. A romantic walk on the beach
3. Buy a special heart collar
4. Give a doggy massage by candlelight
5. Diamonds are a dogs best friend too! (Just ask Paris Hilton’s pups!)

If you are still stumped or think I am simply crazy, how would you feel if you were totally devoted to someone and on the world recognized day of love-sharing, your special someone forgot about you!

This is a plea for duly deserved recognition and don’t say “It’s just a dog!” A true dog lover knows that dogs are people too!! So, get your dog a special gift this Valentine’s Day and show them how much you love them. Perhaps, be like Martha Stewart and bake a doggy cake!!!
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Tim Owens

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