May 30, 2006

Why Dogs Rule

Ever wonder why dogs make such good pets? Its not something many people seem to give much thought to, but Ive been pondering it lately. Ive had cats, snakes, fish, even a bird once, but as pets they all compare unfavorably (in my humble opinion) to playful puppy dogs. But why? Its not like those other species dont have their good points as pets.

Ive concluded that the main reason that dogs make better pets is a simple one, although its not one that most people ever really think about. They show their need for us, openly and honestly. They dont hold anything back. Most other animals tend to be aloof and sometimes downright arrogant at times. Cats come to mind.

I realize that my reasoning involves a certain amount of anthropomorphism (applying human traits to non-humans), but thats my point! I think we cant help but be more attracted to dogs precisely because they appeal to us in human terms. Theyre loyal, loving, needy, funny, always nice to us, etc. And I think the best pets are those who fulfill those kinds of needs we all have.

And it doesnt matter if you prefer small dog breeds like a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire Terrier, or a larger breed like Golden Retrievers or Rottweilers. Ive had dogs as pets in all shapes and sizes, and they invariably exhibit the wonderful traits we all crave. Theres nothing quite like coming home from a long day and being met at the door by a wagging tail and happy disposition. Know what I mean? Dogs are simply the best friends we can ever know!

Just some food for thought

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John Schwartz is the owner and webmaster of He lives in East Texas with his wife, Shannon, who owns a dog rescue ‘no kill’ shelter.

John Schwartz

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