May 31, 2006

Winter Pack Helps Dogs Through Harsh Winter

Winter Pack Helps Dogs Through Harsh Winter

All dog owners know that winter can bring on a whole new set ofproblems for the entire household, which can be more thanexacerbated by an energetic dog in need of exercise. And whenthe dogs grow their luxuriant extra winter coats, they alsoreceive that hidden boost of energy designed to give them thestrength to see out cold winters. There are all sorts ofproblems that may arise with increased energy inside a confinedspace or porch or snow-blanketed back yard.

“Dogs need just as much exercise in winter as they do in summer.In fact, they are sometimes more energetic in the winter months.And if left unattended for too long, they can become anxious,more aggressive and get into more ‘playing’ with the furniture.Their coats can become matted and with the cold air outside,superheated air inside, their coats can become dry and brittleand you end up with one very unhappy doggy.” says Adele Sims “And because we love dogs as much as wedo, we want them and their owners to be as happy and comfortableas ever, even through harsh winters. That is why we came up withthe ‘Winter Pack’ that has special winter shampoos, moisturisersand detanglers. It also contains a rope tug toy to keep Fidoamused and a complimentary brush.”

“Keeping your dog fit and healthy even in the winter months willnot only make your life easier, but your beloved pet’s life willbe much happier too. And just a warning to remember when you areout and about with your pet and there’s a lot of snow around,the salt used to dry out the ice has a poisonous componentshould your dog lick it, so keep Fido well clear of it and ifyou have to use something on your own driveway, use thenon-toxic variety. Also, winter plants like poinsettia havepoisonous leaves and should be kept well clear of dogs who liketo nibble on plants.” Adele went on to say.

Winter can be a lot of fun for you and your dog, but Fido needsattention too.

About the author:

Adele Sims is the co-owner of Out of alove of dogs and their wonderful contribution to our lives,woofywarehouse was born – so that anyone could have access toall the products they could possibly need to enhance the livesof their dogs.

Adele Sims

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